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Why Rishi Joshi Became a Cybersecurity Star

December 22, 2017
It is quite simply the case that Rishi Joshi envisions himself as an innovator in the cybersecurity field. Rishi Joshi feels very secure in the field of cybersecurity because he sees it as a growth industry. All new technologies will be connected going forward, which means there is always a potential for hacking. That makes his field extremely important. As the "Internet of Things" takes hold, for instance, it is sure to bring with it many new opportunities for cybersecurity innovators, and he hopes to be a leader in solving those problems.

Simply out, Rishi Joshi wants to use his knowledge and skill to help people. Look at his background; he has primarily worked in the area of computers for a very long time, and he gravitated toward security. Given the prevalence of hacking, he wanted to help those who rely on tech to discover some level of relief. He has an exceptional level of skill in many areas of cybersecurity, as it applies to application software development and infrastructure technologies, but also as it relates to the internet, e-learning, and gaming technologies.